Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Be secure and beat spam with 10 minute mail!

Coming across an awesome website you often get compelled to register for an account so that you can access more “handpicked” stuff and share, comment and post on it. Almost every website asks you for your email address and you don’t give it much thought and you enter your primary email, receive your password or a confirmation email.
After 1-2 days you check your mail and there are hundreds of ads, offers, news and other useless stuff from the website you registered on some time back (some even from the ones you never knew about). This is annoying for most users when a site uses your inbox as such a blotting paper!
This phenomenon is termed as “spam”!!
However I came around an internet tool that helps us avoid “spam” to a great extent. It’s called “10 Minute Mail“. Normally websites don’t have any business with your email after you’ve seen the confirmation link (apart from resetting password but what’s the harm in remembering it? ). This tool creates an email account for you that self destructs after 10 minutes. Seems pretty useful while registering on some website. You have practically no use of the id after registration. This blocks spam and is also more safe as your original email id is nowhere in the scene!! I loved this tool!!! Felt like sharing and so I did!!